Beading: BLING a BASEBALL CAP with Neola Bye-Beza  

WHEN: Saturday, November 19th, 2022

TIME: 9:00 am - 12:30 pm

SKILL LEVEL: Beginners with ability to use needle and thread and small beads


TYPE OF EVENT: 1 morning workshop 

SUPPLIES: All supplies included, optional to bring hemostat or small jewelers pliers if have

FEE: $60

INSTRUCTOR: Neola Bye-Beza

NOTES: We will have bottled water and feel free to bring any refreshments 

Minimum participants: 4

Maximum participants: 8


No beading experience is necessary but participants should have good eyesight and good hand coordination. Some experience working with needle and thread is helpful.


In this class we will discuss the difference in seed beads and how that affects the outcome of artful beading. You will be given a simple pattern to work with in class, but we will also discuss  how to make simple patterns  and the difference between a graph and a written pattern. 


We will discuss the different thread and needle options for beading and why there are so many. You will also learn how to add new thread into a beading project. 


You may not finish your cap in class, but you will be well prepared to finish it at home and will not need a second meeting.  
Supply packets are included in this class and will contain:
1 light colored baseball style cap--medium size
2 complementary colors-- size 11 seed beads
2 glovers needles and beading thread
1 piece of core foam to bead on.
I will have a few hemostat and small jewelers pliers available to share but if you have either please bring them. They will be used to gently pull the glovers needles through the brim of the cap. 

Beading: BLING a BASEBALL CAP with Neola Bye-Beza, Saturday, Nov 19