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WHEN:  February 3 & 4

TIME: 1pm - 5pm

SKILL LEVEL: Art/craft. Beginners, no experience necessary. 

AGE: Adults & teens 13+

TYPE OF EVENT: 2-day workshop

SUPPLIES: All supplies included (optional to bring more yarn)

FEE: $55

INSTRUCTOR: Patti Kramer,


Come join us in learning the bascis of weaving on a frame loom. This is an introductory class and is for those who have never woven before.


Your finished weaving can be used as a table mat or wall hanging. It will add texture and warmth to any space. 


You will learn several basic techniques including the plain weave, basket weave, twill weave, satin weave and rya knot. You will also learn how to create curves and slits in your weaving. Once you've practiced these weaves, you will be set free to continue weaving however you'd like, using the techniques you've learned.


There will be a frame loom for each of you to use. You will learn how to warp your own loom and will get to choose the size of your weaving. It can be anywhere between 7" and 14" wide and up to 17" long (or even longer by adding fringe). 


Everything you need will be provided (loom, yarn, tools).  There will be  yarns in a variety of colors and textures to choose from. If you have yarn at home - of any size - that you'd like to also use, bring it along (optional). 


If you plan to make a centerpiece, once the weaving is off the loom, nothing more is needed to do. If you plan to use your weaving as a wallhanging, think about what you'd like to have at the top to hang it from. I will have some small tree branches you can pick from, or you can bring something from home.  Examples are a wood dowel, driftwood, metal pipe, rusty strip of metal..). It should be cut to size before you come to the second day of class.


You will go home with your weaving and the knowledge of how to warp a frame loom and how to weave using several basic weaving techniques. 


Weaving on a Frame Loom for Beginners with Patti Kramer, Feb 3 & 4, 1-5pm

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