6" Ceramic Hanging Handprint Keepsake

WHAT: 2-day drop-in workshop (day one to make handprint, day two to glaze it) 

WHEN: Sept 10 & Sept 24 

TIME: drop in anytime between 12-4 each day (see details below) 

FOR: Adults with their babies and children


FEE: $20 

BRING: Your child(ren)


Create a ceramic keepsake of your child's handprint to have forever! (Any age)


On September 10, bring yourinfants, toddlers and children in to Casita Workshop. Stop in anytime between 12 noon and 4pm to have those precious hands pressed into 6" slabs of clay. Babies or toddlers who can't stand during the process need to be accompanied by two adults - one to hold the child, and one to apply enough pressure to the child's hand. This will take about 15-20 minutes.The clay handprint will then be left to dry and fired in a kiln.


On the second day, September 24, one adult will come back (without children please) to decorate the ceramic keepsake(s) by painting glaze onto it. We'll show you how and let you practice first. Follow one of our patterns or create your own. This will take about 45 minutes. 


The keepsake will be fired in the kiln again to melt the glaze. You will be able to pick it up a few days later, at which time we will have wire and ribbon available for hanging. 


We hate to see anyone miss out on the fun, but yet we want you to have a ceramic handprint of your child. If you'd rather not decorate the keepsake (paint glaze on it and add the wire and bow) yourself, we can do it for you for a fee of $15. 


Your child's ceramic handprint will last forever. When you leave with it, it will be ready to hang on the wall or sit on an easel. It would make a great gift too! 

Ceramics: 6" Hanging Child's Handprint Keepsake Sept 10 & 24