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Ceramic: Strings of Shapes with Patti Kramer  

WHEN: November 17 & December 1 

TIME: 1pm-4pm

WHAT: 2-afternoon workshop

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner & All levels


SUPPLIES: All supplies included

FEE: $65

INSTRUCTOR: Patti Kramer

NOTES: Wear paint shirt or apron 


This class is two afternoons and is for any skill level. No clay experience is needed - but those with experience will enjoy it too. 


You'll make the textured shapes from clay using your choice of techniques: cut them out freehand, cut them out using cookie cutters, or use templates to trace them and cut out. We have many colors of glazes to choose from to add color to your pieces. Your pieces will be fired in a kiln. 


You will have the option of hanging your string(s) of shapes with twine or two different types of wire. If you make a single strand, it can hang from the wire used in to thread the pieces together. If you want two or more strands of clay pieces to hang together, they will need to hang from something (branch, metal rod, wood piece or dowel, bamboo.... I will have some branches available but sizes are limited.

The size of your hanging(s) can be any size you'd like - as long as it can be finished in the time allowed. We will be making the shapes the first half and glazing the second half of the first day. If you are new to clay, you will probably want to make one long string of shapes (48") or two or three shorter ones. If you've taken the class before, you might want to make a couple of long single strands or a shorter multi strand hanging. It's up to you! (The single strands in photos above are 48" long. The large one with the flowers and leaves is 19"x 34" and the medium one with  leaves hanging from twine is "20"x 20" (not including the branch). You are also welcome to make several smaller ones or ornaments instead. It's up to you! 


All supplies are included. Please bring a topper (rod of some kind) if you plan to hang it from something. You can look at the branches I have on the first day if you'd like to see if one will work. 


I am offering this class again because people have requested it.  


Ceramics Strings of Shapes with Patti Kramer Nov 17 & Dec 1

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