CLAY: ORNAMENTS "FROM THE SOLE" (of your shoes) 

DATES & TIMES: Nov 6 (2:30pm - 4pm) to create, Nov 20 (3pm - 4pm to add ties)

SKILL LEVEL: Craft. Beginners; no experience needed. 

AGE: For adults  & teens 12+ (and children 8-11 if they are accompanied by an adult to work together).   

TYPE OF EVENT: 2-day workshop

SUPPLIES: Bring 1 or more shoe with a design on the sole. 

FEE: $25

INSTRUCTOR: Patti Kramer,

NOTES: Wear paint shirt or apron

Limited to 10 participants


Have you ever noticed the unique textures on the soles of shoes? In this workshop those textures will be used for more than walking – they'll be used to create the textures on your ornaments!


This project is great fun and one that people of all skill levels will enjoy. You'll roll out raw clay, stamp it with a shoe, cut out a shape with a cookie cutter or freehand, paint it with colorful glaze, and add cord to hang it from. You'll go home with 6-8 ornaments. It's something all ages can enjoy making - adults and teens. Children 8-11 can join in if they come with an adult to help (no charge for the helping adult). 


There will be cookie cutters to choose from in the shapes of Christmas trees, stars, candy cane, circles, hearts, flowers. I have plenty for everyone to use but you are also welcome to bring some from home also if you'd like (optional).  


It's fun to treasure-hunt through your closet to search for one or more shoes with textured soles. Ones with some depth work best. No need to bring both shoes from a pair - one is fine. If you don't have any that will work, there will extra shoes at the class you can use. 


The first day will be spent creating the shapes and the second shorter day will be spent adding ties to each ornament and taking them home.