WHEN: Nov 2 & 16 + pick-up

TIME: 9:30am - noon

SKILL LEVEL: Art. No clay experience needed. Should be comfortable with drawing and painting in any style..   

AGE: Adults & teens 16+

TYPE OF EVENT: 2-day workshop

SUPPLIES: All included

FEE: $45


NOTES: Wear paint shirt or apron

Minimum 2, Maximum 10 people 

Create a large platter about 13"x13"  (or two smaller platters) in this ceramic workshop. Use your piece(s) to serve food on and display on a wall or easel when not in use. Glazes are food safe.


The class will start with forming clay into a size and shape of your choice. Lynne will demonstrate how to add texture and how to finish the back so it will be ready to hang or rest on an easel. After it is fired in a kiln, she'll introduce glazes to you and set you free to paint a design. Paint it freehand or with the help of a photocopy to look at or stencil to trace. Please bring your own ideas, sketches, photocopies or stencils. We do have some stencils you can also use.     


After your piece is fired a second time, your piece will be ready for pick-up. (A day/time will be arranged in class).     

CERAMIC: PAINTED PLATTER or WALL ART w/ Lynne Cooke...11/2, 11/16 More info