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WHAT: 2-day workshop (one day to form and one day to glaze) (both days included in the price)

WHEN:  Various dates - see list below

TIME: 1pm-4pm

FOR: Adults and teens 13+

PREREQUISITE: Some clay experience needed (see below)

FEE: $40 + clay $10 for 8 pounds of clay 

BRING: your ideas, wear paint clothes/apron

INSTRUCTOR: Patti will be there if you'd like help


Choose from these dates at checkout:

(Registration for one session includes two afternoons - one to form, the other to glaze)


Sept 14 & 28

Oct 12 & 26

Nov 16 & 30

Dec 7 & 21


Come play with clay! 


Make whatever you'd like! Form pieces using handbuilding techniques (forming clay with your hands; not with a potter's wheel). This workshop takes place two afternoons most months. The first day is spent forming your projects and it is left to dry for several days before it is put in a kiln and fired. The second day is spent applying colorful glazes. Your pieces will be fired for a second time in a kiln and then they will be ready to take home. 


Bring with you an idea of what you'd like to make. Patti will be there to help anyone get started if needed.


We supply all tools and supplies you'll need to create your pieces (except clay - see next paragraph). We have clay tools, underglazes, glazes, brushes, textures/stamps (and two kiln firings). 


Clay is $10 for 8 pounds and usually lasts two – four sessions. Be sure to purchase one before your first class and after that you only purchase when needed. Your clay will be waiting for you at class.  PURCHASE CLAY HERE


Adults and teens of any skill level can participate in Play with Clay, but it is geared mainly for those who have some experience, even if it was many years ago. If you don't have any experience, you can still participate, but please let Patti know (contact page) so she can be prepared to help you with the basics and have a few samples to show you. We also have a beginner class that you might be more interested in: Intro to Clay Basics which is geared for people who have never worked with clay before. But it's really up to you – you will be welcomed in either!

Clay Handbuilding, 2 days/month, Various Dates, 1-4pm

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