OPEN CLAY DAYS (make what you'd like - no instruction)

WHAT: For those who have some experience with basic hand-building 

WHEN:  Various dates - see list below

TIME: 1pm-4pm

FOR: Adults and teens 13+

PREREQUISITE: Some clay experience needed (see below)

FEE: $45 + purchase clay $10 for 8lbs 

BRING: your ideas, paint clothes/apron


Choose from these dates at checkout:

(Registration for one session includes two afternoons - one to form, the other to glaze)


Tue, May 17, 31 (1pm-4pm)

Tue, June 7, 21 (1pm-4pm)

Thur, July 14, 28 (1pm-4pm)

Tue, August 9, 23 (1pm-4pm)


Open Clay Day takes place each month. Each monthly session includes two afternoons - one for forming the clay and the second day for glazing the fired pieces you made. Pieces will be fired in our kiln twice.


Make whatever you'd like! Everything you need to make basic hand-built pieces is included, from start to finish. You will have access to  basic clay tools, textures/stamps, drying shelves, underglazes, glazes, brushes and two kiln firings. (Some of our tools are reserved for specialty classes and will not be available here).


The fee for a session is $45 + clay. Pay for the session on this page. 


Clay needs to be purchased separately in class. Bring a $10 check or cash for 8lb of clay.  You can purchase more clay at any time. Choose from lowfire clay in white or terracotta. (If you have left over clay after a session, it will be saved for you to use at another session).   


No instruction takes place at Open Clay Days. This is for those with basic experience in handbuilding. Most importantly, you need to have experience attaching two pieces of clay together so that they stay attached during the brutal drying and firing stages. You should also have some experience making pinch, coil and slab pots.


We don't have a wheel at Casita Workshop.


Don't have experience? Take our Intro to Clay Basics workshop first (the next session is May 18 & June 1).


Ceramics: Open Clay Day, Various Dates, 1pm-4pm