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Fused Glass Windchimes

WHEN: Saturday, October 28,  9:30am-noon 

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner, no experience 

AGE: Adults 14+

TYPE OF EVENT: 1 day workshop plus pick up 

SUPPLIES:  All supplies included except noted in the class description.

PRICE: $70

INSTRUCTOR: Erin Warner,


Welcome to the exciting world of fused glass art! In this workshop, you will have the
opportunity to create a stunning and melodious wind chime. 


This class is suitable for beginners and intermediate glass artists, as well as anyone with a
creative spirit and an eagerness to explore the process of working with layers of glass.


All necessary supplies will be provided for the class, including:
Two layers of 7" clear glass
Various other glass pieces to enhance your design
Wire for hanging chimes
Chain for top hanging attachment

Whether you are looking for a new hobby, a meaningful gift, or simply a fun and engaging experience, this class is for you. Let your imagination soar and discover the magic of fused glass artistry! Join us for an unforgettable artistic journey as we create stunning fused glass wind chimes together!


Erin will begin by introducing you to the art of fused glass and familiarizing you with tools and materials.

Please come with a design idea. Your 7"x7" glass panel will be your canvas for creativity. Using additional glass pieces, you will craft a unique design on top of it in layers. Once your design is complete, Erin will fuse the layers of glass together in a kiln. After firing them, Erin will add hanging chimes at the bottom and a chain at the top, making it ready to be hung and displayed. 

Throughout the class, safety is our top priority.  Erin will guide you on the proper use of tools and the handling of glass. You will be required to wear the provided safety glasses.

During the class Erin will discuss the pickup time, usually a week to 10 days after the class. At pickup
time you will take home your one-of-a-kind fused glass wind chime and adorn your home or garden with it. Its unique design and melodic sounds will be a testament to your creativity and
newfound glass artistry.


Fused Glass Windchimes with Erin Warner, Oct 28, 9:30-noon

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