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DATES: Afternoons of April 23-25

TIME: 1-4pm

SKILL LEVEL:  Art of any level (draw an outline of your design)

AGE: Adults & teens 16+

TYPE OF EVENT: 3-afternoon workshop

SUPPLIES:  All supplies are included except purchase a hard panel in class 

FEE: $60 class, plus $15 to class fo panel

INSTRUCTOR: Patti Kramer, desertbrush tab 

NOTE: Wear an apron

MAXIMUM: 6 people


I created paper collages on large panels for several years. Maybe you have seen some at Creative Cafe in Casa Grande, or checked out my my artist tab on the home page of this website.  


I experimented with  different products and techniques for several months before coming up with a method that worked for me. I wanted the papers to adhere and stay flat every time - with no curled edges or bubbles. It's a fun method and you will probably be surprised at the tools and products I used in the process. You will use these same tools and products in this workshop. 


You will go home with your own 14"x18" collage on a hard panel, with a depth of 1 5/8". In the process you'll get to play with 60+ sheets of imported, large papers made from mulberry and other natural fibers . There will be a variety of different colors, textures and sizes (average 20"x 30") to use. 


This class will take place three afternoons. You can work at your own speed.  



Bring a simple line drawing (outline) to class.  An outline of the major shapes, without small details. See the two line drawings included with the photos above for examples.  


Draw your design with a pencil on white paper that is 14"x18" (you can tape pieces of paper together).  For this technique, all or most of the main shapes should be at least 4". Once I see your design, I will guide you in making any changes that might need to be changed so it will work well with this technique. 


Your drawing can be object(s) or abstract. Anything goes! Draw it freehand, or trace it from pictures or stencils. I have some floral and abstract stencils - let me know if you are interested in seeing them.



Bring $15 to class to purchase your panel (check or cash) that is 14"x18" with a 1 5/8" depth.


I hope you will come play with this fun technique!

Summary of what you need to do for this workshop. 

1. Purchase class here, on this page

2. Bring your simple outline drawing to class

3. Bring $15 to class for the panel 


Paper Collage Picture with Patti Kramer, afternoons April 23, 24,25 1pm-4pm

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