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Paper Pulp Notecards Filled with Wildflower Seeds

When: Saturday, Oct 7, 2pm-4pm

Experience needed: None

Age: All ages - Adults, teens, children (with adult)

Bring: Nothing except an apron or paint shirt. All supplies included

Instructor: Patti Kramer


Make 8 notecards for any occassion - Christmas, Valentines Day, birthdays, thank you...  But these notecards are extra special - when a card or shape is planted, wildflowers grow!!


You will learn to make recycled paper pulp using paper and blenders. We'll mix wildflower seeds into the pulp and create simple shapes using cookie cutters as molds. It's great fun! Once a shape is dry, it can be attached to a blank notecard. When you give a seedable card to someone, they can plant the seeded shape in dirt and watch it grow into wildflowers! 


You will make the seeded pulp shapes in class using blenders and shredded paper. Your shapes will be damp when you take them home. Once they are dry you can glue them to the 8 blank cards and envelopes. (We give you the notecards, envelopes, glue, ribbon).  


This class is for all ages. Adults, teens and children but children under 12 need to have an adult stay with them to help.    


You will make up to 8 shapes with seeds for the notecards. But don't worry, they are so much fun to make that you won't want to quit! You can continue making more shapes - but without seeds or notecards. Use these extra shapes however you'd like - great for hangings or ornaments. 


Your shapes will vary in height, but most will be about 1/4 inch tall. 

Paper-Pulp Notecards Filled with Wildflower Seeds w/Patti Kramer, Oct 7, 2-4pm

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