WHEN: April 22 & 23

TIME: Day one: 9am- 3pm, day two 9am -12pm and 4pm pick up

AGE: Adults 16+


Learn to use broken tiles, glass, metal and pebbles to make a unique piece of garden art or stepping stone. We'll cement these items onto a base of flagstone, giving each one an irregular and organic shape. Lean your finished piece upright for yard art, or place in the ground and use as a stepping stone.  


We will start by meeting at Pioneer Rock at 9am on April 22 where each or you will pick out and purchase a piece of flagstone in a shape you like. This will be the base that you will attach pieces to. Choose any shape up to 2.5 square feet (or two pieces up to 2.5 square feet total).


From there we will meet at Casita Workshop (hopefully by 9:40) and you will begin experimenting with choosing and laying out pieces to go on your stone. Tile nippers will be available if you'd like to cut pieces. We will break for lunch (Eva's in on the same block or bring a sack lunch).  In the afternoon you'll attach the pieces to the flagstone with a cement product. On Saturday morning you'll grout over your pieces.  Your piece will be dry enough for pick up at 4:00pm.


All steps will be demonstrated.  No experience is necessary.


I will have plenty of decorative tiles, old ceramic dishes, glass, metal pieces and pebbles for you to use. Feel free to bring things from home if you have item (optional). 


Your mosaic can either be an abstract design, or can represent something. If representational, bring in your idea (a quick sketch or a picture ). Designs can be as intricate or simple as you'd as long as time allows it. 


All other supplies are included, including several grout colors to choose from. 

This photo was borrowed from as a wedding gift idea to make (not for sale). I will make a flagstone mosaic soon to replace it with. I've never made one on flagstone before and I can't wait to try it!  



Mosaic on Flagstone with Broken Tiles, Dishes with Patti Kramer Apr 22, 23