PAPERMAKING: PAINT WITH PULP (frame is not included)

DATES & TIMES: Oct 26 (1:30pm - 4pm), Oct 30 (1:30pm - 2:30pm + pick up

SKILL LEVEL: Beginners and all levels, no experience necessary, art, craft 

AGE: Adults & teens14+

TYPE OF EVENT: 2-day workshop

SUPPLIES: All supplies included

FEE: $40

INSTRUCTOR: Patti Kramer,

NOTES: Wear paint shirt or apron as colored pulp can stain

Minimum 4, Maximum 6 people 


Come experiment making paper pulps (watery paper) and using them to make sheets of textured sheets with designs on top! 


I will demonstrate how to make paper pulp from recycled papers using a blender and how to make sheets from it. Those who have made sheets before can begin creating right away and others will have plenty of time to practice.  Experiment using moulds, squirt bottles, tweezers, and other tools to create designs. Your final pictures will be made from 100% paper pulp - no glues or fasteners of any kind are used in this project. 

Make as many pulp paintings as you'd like. How many will depend on the size, method and detail you've chosen for your "paintings." Make them any size you'd like - there is no size limit. 


For those who aren't comfortable coming up with designs, there will be a variety of stencils available to use (or bring your own). Come experiment with paper pulp! 


Some people think of papermaking as an artform for elementary school kids, but it's not! I took a semester class in papermaking at ASU through their art/printmaking program in the 1980's. It changed my life because it exposed me to an art form that I wasn't aware of and I've enjoyed creating with it ever since. For years after the class, I ordered 5 gallon buckets of cotton pulp to create with, and in more recent years I made pulp just as we will in this class - with existing papers and water in a blender. I hope you'll come play with and enjoy paper pulp also! 

PAPERMAKING: PAINT WITH PULP ... 10/26, 10/30 More info