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DATES:  March 12

TIME: 1-4pm

SKILL LEVEL: Art, Craft. For beginners or experienced. Come play! 

AGE: Adults & teens16+

TYPE OF EVENT: 1-afternoon workshop 

SUPPLIES: All supplies are included. 

FEE: $60

INSTRUCTOR: Patti Kramer,

NOTES: Wear paint shirt or apron

Minimum 3 people, Maximum 5  


Learn to recycle existing papers into new pulp using blenders. Experiment adding one or more dried plant fibers to your pulp so each of your papers is unique. Your finished papers can be filled with as much texture and character as you'd like. Experience the soothing feeling of stirring paper pulp with your hands  and learn to "pull" (transform) the pulp into 10+ sheets of new paper.  We will be using handmade plastic moulds but a wood mould will also be available to try out. Learn a couple of ways to press the water out of your sheets.


You'll go home with as many sheets as you have time to make - probably 5-12. (Any size can be made). 


Your textured, handmade papers will work great in collages, cards or framed as they are.  Leave the sheets whole or tear them into smaller pieces or shapes.  


Everything is included in this class. You don't need to bring a thing except an apron! I have lots of fibers for you to use including dried spices, coconut fiber, teas, marigold, lavender, palo verde flowers, cotton threads... Optional: You are welcome to bring any papers and/or plant-fibers from home if you'd like to try them out!  Any paper or dried plant material will work.

Papermaking: Sheet-making with Nature, March 12, 1-4pm

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