WHEN: August 27 (plus be on call on a second day)

WHAT: 3-hour workshop

TIME: 1-4


AGE: Adult 16+

EXPERIENCE: No experience needed

SUPPLIES: Bring fabric items (see below)

FEE: $45

INSTRUCTOR: Patti Kramer,

Minimum 2, Maximum 6 people 


Have you noticed how rusty metal stains many things including fabric? In this workshop we'll transfer the rust found on rusty metal objects onto fabric, making permanent designs on them. (Artist paper will also be available  - great for collages and cards). 


Please bring fabric(s) from home that are only 100% cotton, linen, silk or leather. Be sure the tag says it's 100%, otherwise it night not work. Fabric can be of any colo, solid or with a pattern. The background of the fabric will remain it's original color.


If the fabric is new, please bring it washed (without fabric softener) and dried. You are welcome to make as many pieces as you'd like as long as there is enough metal for everyone, enough table space and they can be finished within the time allowed. (You'll probably be able to make 1 large tablecloth or 3 items that are about 1 yard of fabric each - tshirt, tote bag, cloth...). (The fabric in the photo was originally a cotton curtain that was bought at a thrift store and is now used as a tableclot).


The rusty objects will soak on a solution on top of the fabric. Once the rust has transferred, it needs to be removed from the fabric soon. It could take 1-4 days to transfer. Transferring depends on the temperature and humidity of its surroundings. It will be hot in August so it might only take one or two days to transfer. You should be on call those days. (If you aren't available, I will remove the rusty objects for you).


The second day of the workshop will be spent neutralizing the fabrics and hand-washing them.   


Rusty objects: 

I have enough rusty items for everyone to use but we can never have too many! Feel free to bring any that you have lying around! Check your garage for hidden treasures!  The process does corrode the metal a tiny bit, so don't bring anything that is special to you.



100% cotton fabrics of any kind (tablecloth, tote bag, clothing, fabric scraps...)

Optional: Rusty metal pieces

Textile Art: Rust Dyeing with Patti Kramer... August 27