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Dyeing Fabric with Shibori Techniques

Date: Wednesday, November 13 & 14 (1-4pm)

Who: Adults 16+

What: Learn to dye fabric in shibori style

Experience: No experience needed

Instructor: Patti Kramer 

Maximum participants: 8


Hanging from the ceiling of Casita Workshop, are four large cotton panels that I dyed in the shibori-style. Several people have requested that there be a workshop in the technique - so here it is! It is a simple and fun project and I hope you'll come join in the fun. 


In this two-afternoon workshop, you will learn to dye fabric from start to finish, including how to make a dye-bath with fiber reactive dyes and how to create a simple pattern using two shibori techniques.  


What's shibori? It's a Japanese stlye of dyeing fabric using resists. A resist is anything that stops the dye from absorbing into fabric at that spot. There are several shibori techniques, but we will be working with two -  itajime and ne-maki techniques. Itajime shibori involves folding fabric in specific ways and then clamping it with objects before immersing it in dye. Most of our time will be spent using this technique (my favorite). Ne-maki shibori will be optional and involves tying stones in the fabric before immersing in dye. There are lots of surprises with these techniques which adds to the fun of unfolding the dyed fabric to see what pattern has transpired!   


I will demonstate and be there to help you every step of the way. I hope you will come in to experiment with this fun technique and if you have never dyed with fiber resist dye, it will be a good introduction. (This is the dye that manufacturers use to dye clothing - this works much better than RIT dye). I don't claim to be an expert at dyeing, but I can show you the basics. 


I have lots of white cotton fabric for you to use. Hemmed fabric pieces can be used for your main projects (table runners, scarves...).  Unhemmed ones will work great for experimenting and samples. You will go home with at least two main projects and several sample pieces. You are also welcome to bring your own items to dye if you'd rather. Fabrics need to be 100% cotton, linen or cotton/linen blend. Ideas are: shirt, pillow cover, tote bag, table runner, apron, yard goods for quilting, clothing that is stained... 


This project is great for any level - no dyeing experience is necessary.  If it's a nice day, you will be outside part of the time, but most of the time you'll be inside. This project involves standing all the time while creating, but there will be chairs if you need a break. Wear appropriate shoes, clothes or an apron - we know what dye does! 

Dyeing Fabric with Shibori Techniques Nov 13 & 14, 1-4pm

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