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Call to Artists
Casita Workshop is a place to create! 

People in our community are looking for creative experiences! Our main goal at Casita Workshop is to offer the community a wide variety of creative choices so there is something for everyone. Creative experiences can be in fine art, art, and craft classes. If it allows someone to be creative, we are all for it! 


Share your creativity, artistic passions, skills and knowledge with others by leading a small workshop/class at Casita Workshop. We would like to have several more artists join us in sharing their techniques, projects and demonstrations in their favorite medium.

When you have a class, we do more than provide you with the space to have it!  We try to make it as easy as possible for you. We post the event on our website and people order and pay for it through our website. (We reimburse you).


Choose to have one event or many, choose which skill level you'd like to have it for (beginners, intermediate...), the fee you'd like to charge, etc. We can guide you with anything you have questions about.   


Each event is planned, organized, and instructed by you, the teaching artist. Teaching artists are independent artist/craftspeople (not employees of Casita Workshop). Requirements are that you need to have extensive experience in the medium you'd like to share, have a passion for the medium, enjoy people, and be able to organize your class from start to finish. (Teaching experience is not required). 


Following are some of the mediums we would like to see offered at Casita Workshop and there are probably more! If you don't see your medium listed, we'd love to hear your ideas!


We are looking for: 


Poetry, drawing, calligraphy, stamping, acrylic painting, synthetic clays, pastels, jewelry, printmaking, sculpture, basketry, fiber arts, weaving, marbling, scrapbooking, macramé, knitting, crochet, poured acrylics, sketching, plein aire, needle arts, rock painting, resin, felting, murals, faux finishing, rug hooking, advanced ceramics, collage, pen and ink, micropen, stained glass, etched glass, chalk art, etc.  

We usually allow one teaching artist per medium, but their are exceptions. (For example, if someone's style or technique is very different than the first instructor's). 


Casita Workshop is a quaint space of 500 square feet, with two workrooms, a sink room and a restroom. If you are interested in having a workshop/class with us, please contact us

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