Ceramic Sgraffito Platters

WHEN: Oct 28 (3pm-4pm), 29 (1pm-5pm) & Nov 12 (3pm-4pm)

WHAT: 3-day workshop (afternoons)

TIME: see above

FOR: Adults 16+


FEE: $55 

BRING: wear paint clothes


Sgraffito is an ancient Italian method of decorating pottery. The word sgraffito means "to scratch." An underglaze or slip layer is added on top of a contrasting clay body, and then a design is scratched through the top layer to reveal the bottom layer. 


Come experiment with this technique! Carved designs can be simple or intricate. Bring in your own design or there will be books and stencils to look through here.   


Make two plates/platters at 10.5" each. Choices are round, square, oblong. 


This is a three-day workshop with the first and third day being about 2 hours, the second day 3-4 hours and third day 1 hour.  


Your clay platters will be fired twice in our kiln, between classes).

Ceramics: Sgraffito Platters, October 28, 29 & November 12