WHEN: May 18 and June 1 (1:00-4:00) 

SKILL LEVEL: Art, Craft. Beginners - for anyone new to ceramics

AGE: Adults 14+

TYPE OF EVENT: 2-day Workshop + pickup

SUPPLIES: All supplies included

FEE: $55

INSTRUCTOR: Patti Kramer,

NOTES: Wear paint shirt or apron

Minimum 3, Maximum people 6


Learn to hand-build with clay (no wheel). If you've never worked with clay before, this class is for you! It's a beginning class that will introduce you to clay and give you the experience and confidence you need to pursue more experiences with clay. 


Get to know the feel of clay and learn to use the pinch, coil, and slab methods to create small vessels. Learn how to add textures to the clay and how to attach two pieces of clay together so they will stay attached during the brutal drying and firing processes. We'll discuss clays and glazes and there is a chance you can help unload your items from the kiln.  


You will be making three small vessels, about 4" in size which will give you practice in the three main ways of forming vessels. You'll go home with a small pinch pot, coil pot, slab container and any other pieces you make. 


Each of your pieces will be fired in a kiln two times in the process (between classes). 


A pick up date will be chosen during the workshop.    

Ceramics: Intro to Clay Basics May 18, June 1