WHEN: October 21

TIME: 1:30PM - 4PM

SKILL LEVEL: Craft, Art. For everyone! 

AGE: Adult 18+

TYPE OF EVENT: 1-day workshop

SUPPLIES: Bring fabric items (see below)

FEE: $35

INSTRUCTOR: Patti Kramer,

NOTES: Wear paint shirt or apron and old shoes

Minimum 2, Maximum 10 people 


This is a "dyeing" project that doesn't involve dye at all! Discharge dyeing is the process of removing existing dye (discharging it) from fabric with bleach. We will use bleach products on a variety of fabrics in such a way to create patterns and designs.


Come experiment with products, techniques and tools which will allow the bleach to only reach certain areas of your fabric, leaving some of the original color in places. There will be scraps of fabric to practice with before applying what you've learned to fabrics that you brought. 


Bring as many fabric items as you'd like. (Ideas: Shirt, tote bag, pillow case, scarf, apron, yards of fabric, tablecloth, etc).  Items should be 100% cotton, silk, or acetate and in a color. Keep in mind that darker colors will have a stronger contrast while light colors will have a subtler contrast. (White does not work).


In the photos, the shirt with the flowers started out as navy blue, the other shirt started out as black, and the apron was blue. The fabrics shown were originally the darker color seen on each. Fabrics don't need to be new - it's a great time to give a shirt with a stain a makeover! 


It's hard to control exactly what each finished piece will look like, so there will be lots of surprises along the way which makes this project extra fun.  


Please note:

We will be working with bleach. Gloves will be provided but it is up to you to wear clothing and shoes that can get "dirty". 

For those with allergies to latex gloves and/or chlorine bleach, please contact Casita Workshop to discuss using alternatives. 

This workshop will take place both inside and outside. If it's hot out, it'll be done in a shady area.